Charlotte Geyer

»New Work Spirit«

The new world of working brings great opportunities and challenges that affect the entire organization. Strategies and business models are changing, structures and processes are being adapted at a completely new speed. And thereby our common management and working methods are changing.

This leads to new questions: What can the architecture of this transformation look like? How do I navigate the organization as a leader, especially in these challenging times? Which ways of working are flexible and at the same time stable enough for the current circumstances? And how do I convince more leaders and employees for the change to the new world of working?

New Work is a movement. And it is perceived differently by its stakeholders. We are experiencing a new situation for managing directors, executives and employees. For one person New Work is inspiring, and for another person New Work is scary. All stakeholders have new questions, are affected differently and have different expectations and needs. But for a successful New Work transformation, we need everyone.

The core message is that management and working methods are changing within this transformation and new skills and attitudes need to be developed to shape this transformation together and in an integrative way. For example, the change of a knowing to a learning attitude is necessary. Creativity and innovation need special space in this learning process in order to enable new paths for personal development.

In my work, I show the central levers and success factors of sustainable organizations in a practical way. For me, the human factor is always a key to successful transformation.

What is my main focus?
Giving organizations orientation in their transformation and enabling leaders and employees for the new world of work – this inspires me.

As a consultant, business coach and business trainer, I support organizations in intensive transformation and new work processes. I focus on the holistic organizational development as well as on the personal development of leaders and executives. Always important: New Work should be fun! Because the process of growth is about trying out, learning and experiencing.

New Work in practice
My professional background is the management consultancy and startup-world. I supported various organizations in their digital transformation and strategically developed New Work. I was responsible for change management and communication in various transformation processes and I was able to successfully develop and implement different concepts: From strategy development to new management methods such as »Objectives and Key Results« (OKR), global leadership and multiplier initiatives or group-wide, digital learning programs. I also piloted the innovative »peer-to-peer« coaching method »Working Out Loud« or inspired through keynotes. I was particularly pleased about the nominations as Global Digital Woman.

As a business coach, I support my clients in their various professional challenges – from starting a new leadership role to effectively leading agile teams. I do physical and digital coaching. I also led the business coaching program at Porsche Consulting and carried out an innovative startup mentoring project as part of an accelerator program.

My work is complemented by Positive Psychology approaches. I look back on certifications as a Positive Leadership Coach (DGPP) as well as a Business Trainer (BDVT), SAFe Agilist and Scrum Master.

Personally, I am very passionate and enthusiastic about VW Beetles. In 2011 I successfully founded my startup »Käfer Concept« and rent family-owned vintage cars for various photo and film productions. To see our oldtimers in spotlight is magnificent. When the sun is shining, I enjoy driving my own VW Beetle convertible or running the Berlin Spree – maybe to prepare for my next marathon?

My Focus

Organizational Development
New Work & Transformation
Positive Leadership
Executive Coaching


Charlotte Geyer

10117 Berlin

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