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»Become who you can become.« The experts at BRIDGEHOUSE have been working for over thirty years to ensure that people and organizations can develop their full potential. For a fulfilling life and a fulfilling, meaningful collaboration.

Founded in 1995, BRIDGEHOUSE is a cooperative of independent trainers, coaches and organizational consultants. Even though it was unintentional at the time, we ended up creating a hierarchical free space that caters to a wide range of different project constellations. Our approach is to give the lead to the person who is best suited for the task at hand. At the time, we did not realize that this would prove to be so effective. At BRIDGEHOUSE, every person has the opportunity to take the lead regarding themself and a specific topic. @bridgehouse_everybody_leads.

Perhaps this is the end of the traditional dogmas of corporate pyramid structures, conventional divisions into silos, defined by top to bottom. In short, superiors and subordinates. Instead, we are simultaneously all founders and independent entrepreneurs with the most extraordinary and customary resumes. What unites us is the desire for a new world of living and working, our shared code of values (which we take very seriously) and our common brand under the umbrella of BRIDGEHOUSE Holding GmbH.


More importantly, we share an unconditional commitment to encourage, inspire and support people to become the person they strive to be every hour and every day. Step by step. Fulfilled. This same ethos applies to our work with organizations.

Because of this, some refer to us as a specialized order of business experts. Next, we usually have to explain how the gloomy castle (see above) is related to our brand image and whether this is somehow connected. Well, yes. It is the original Brückenhaus (Bridgehouse). The perfect metaphor. We believe that people and organizations are constantly navigating transitions. From something old – the past, to something new – an arrival. Much like the opposite banks of a river. One bank gives way, the other bank appears. The bridge in our name leads from one side to the other. This is where you will find us. Where we always have been. And we are very pleased to meet you at this crossing.

We look forward to your call!

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