Terms and Conditions

Validity of GTCs
By placing an order, the client acknowledges the General Terms and Conditions (GTCs). Any contractual agreements that differ from the GTCs are invalid without explicit written confirmation. This also applies to any modification of the requirement for written confirmation. The client’s general conditions of contract are not the object of the contract, even if BRIDGEHOUSE has not expressly objected thereto.

Client’s duty to cooperate
The client must ensure that BRIDGEHOUSE receives all information and documents required for contractual fulfilment no later than two weeks before the appointment. If it should emerge in the course of preparing for the appointment that additional information and documents are required, the client must provide these immediately on written request.

BRIDGEHOUSE strives for a cooperative relationship with its clients. Should the client cancel a coaching or training session, seminar, workshop or consultation, BRIDGEHOUSE is usually unable to adequately reschedule and reallocate the unused capacities of the coach, trainer, seminar leader or consultant elsewhere at short notice. In order to appropriately share the financial risk between the parties in the event of cancellation, the following cancellation conditions apply: For bookings of day appointments, cancellation by the client: is free of charge up to six weeks before the beginning of the appointment,
- incurs a cost of 50% of the agreed remuneration up to three weeks before the beginning of the appointment 
- incurs a cost of 100% of the agreed remuneration less than three weeks before the beginning of the appointment or on the day of the appointment. If the booking is for multiple consecutive days, the first day is used to calculate the period between cancellation and beginning. For booking of individual sessions, client cancellation
- is free of charge up to four days before the beginning of the appointment
- incurs a cost of 100% of the agreed remuneration within three days of the beginning of the appointment or on the day of the appointment.
For any form of cancellation, all costs already incurred by BRIDGEHOUSE for the contracting of third parties must be paid by the client upon presentation of proof. This applies, for instance, to the costs of producing print materials, travel and/or accommodation reservations which cannot be cancelled or any cancellation fees due for cancelling travel and/or accommodation.

Payment and default
The agreed compensation and any additional costs are payable in full within 14 days of the invoice date. Payment made by bank transfer or cheque is considered settled from the date on which the amount is credited to our account.

Incidental costs
The client is responsible for payment of necessary travel and accommodation costs accrued by coaches, trainers, seminar leaders or consultants in carrying out the booked appointment, in addition to the agreed remuneration. The costs incurred shall be billed to the client.

Impediment to BRIDGEHOUSE
In the event that BRIDGEHOUSE (coach, trainer, seminar leader or consultant) encounters an impediment through no fault of their own (e.g. due to illness) and the booked appointment is cancelled as a result, the client shall be reimbursed any remuneration already paid. There shall be no further claim on the part of the client for reimbursement of any other costs incurred or any other damage.

Retention of title
Any goods supplied by BRIDGEHOUSE to the client or provided for the purposes of contractual fulfilment shall remain the property of BRIDGEHOUSE until full payment of the agreed remuneration. In the event that the agreed remuneration is not paid in full, the client must return the supplied or provided goods at its own expense to BRIDGEHOUSE or reimburse the costs of pick-up.

All documents produced, used and/or supplied to the client by BRIDGEHOUSE as a result of the order placed for the purposes of contractual fulfilment are protected by copyright. Unless the client has been expressly granted usage rights, the client is not permitted to use these documents in full or in part for its own purposes and/or for third parties and/or to supply them to third parties.

BRIDGEHOUSE is only liable to the client for gross negligence or deliberate damage. This does not apply to further legal liability or to injury to life and limb. For individual claims for damages, liability is limited to an amount of EUR 250,000.00. All claims from multiple claimants shall be deemed a single instance of damages, providing this is based on a standard and definable service on our part. In the event that, on placement of the order or prior to order fulfilment, there is a risk of damage exceeding this amount which is apparent to the client, the client is obliged to inform BRIDGEHOUSE immediately.

Jurisdiction and applicable law
For any disputes arising from and in conjunction with the order placed, the parties agree that Berlin shall be the place of jurisdiction. BRIDGEHOUSE reserves the right to assert claims against the client in the place of jurisdiction to which they are otherwise generally subject. German law shall apply exclusively. This also applies if the client is based in another country and no individual agreement has been made to the contrary.

Should any term of the GTCs be or become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining terms of the GTCs. In that event, the contractual parties shall seek to replace the invalid provision with a new provision which approximates the desired content of the invalid provision as closely as possible.