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»Coaching extraordinary People«

Executive Coaching

You work in management or at the very top of your company. You drive projects and people forward. With your energy, you make more happen than the average person, and you’ve achieved a great deal. That’s part of who you are and it’s what drives you, too.

However, you also pay a heavy price: it’s cold up here at the very top. At times, you struggle with the loneliness of decision-making and the pressure you sometimes find yourself under.

With others on your level, the fear of failure is sometimes a silent partner. Self-doubt builds up. At the same time, you find many of your colleagues’ problems landing on your desk.


It’s no wonder that you often push yourself to the limit to produce the performance that you– and others – expect from yourself. That costs you mental and emotional energy.

Perhaps you are increasingly beginning to wonder about what it all means. Your desire for peace and tranquillity keeps growing. And for a life that’s more like what you imagine.

What you need is someone you can talk to openly about everything that really moves you.

Someone who understands how businesses work and the essence of successful leadership.

Who gives you space for everything that demands your attention and that you can’t talk about anywhere else.

As your coach, I can do exactly that.

It all starts with our first meeting. You’ll see the effects of coaching start here. How quickly and permanently it helps to change your worldview and shift your thoughts. You and I will then decide whether we wish to go on this journey together. In an atmosphere of honesty, plain speaking and trust.

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Life Coaching

You have achieved the extraordinary, left your mark, and made your visions come true. You have overcome adversity, and made big decisions time after time. Good decisions. You know who you are, and your success is the proof.

But you still have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. A certain hunger. You know you’re not quite finished yet. You haven’t yet reached your goal. You haven’t yet got to where you could be. It’s not a comfortable feeling – and you can’t ignore it any longer.

You ask yourself: what do I really want? There are things you still want to experience, maybe a crazy idea, a passion, a dream.

But how is it meant to happen? After all, you don’t have complete freedom. Wherever you look, you’re faced with the same old pressures and structures, and the duties that bind you. Shaking them off seems virtually impossible.

So what should you do? You have to do something. Everything is at stake here. Your whole life. But not many people understand what drives you and hardly anyone encourages you to truly embrace new challenges.

What you need is someone who is by your side every step of the way when you finally take the leap towards the seemingly impossible. Someone who can help you set a new course for your life.

I can be that person. As your coach, I dedicate all my efforts to helping you make change happen – with all the attention and intensity that requires. Any time, without limits. I help and assist, support and encourage you with every effort in changing your life.

Together we will change how you perceive insurmountable obstacles and impossible dreams. Together we will face your doubts and fears. Together we will create a space where I come to you with curiosity – knowing that all the answers and everything you need are already in you.

In this space, there’s room for all your objections. Here you will develop ideas and awaken the energy you need to realise your dreams, step by step. Here you can reach the decisions that will help you achieve the impossible.

It all starts with our first meeting. You’ll see the effects of coaching right away. How quickly and permanently it can help to change your worldview and shift your thoughts. You and I will then decide whether we wish to go on this journey together. In an atmosphere of honesty, plain speaking and trust.

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About me

For me, it all started with a few throwaway comments from my friends made casually at dinner. Things like, ‘You know, I could imagine doing something completely different.’ Conversations about what they really wanted from their lives and their jobs ensued.

My friends were smart and had worked hard to end up in well-paid, prestigious positions. From the outside, they seemed to have all the markers of success, both visible and hidden. But inside?

I was astonished to find they were asking the same questions I asked my clients when our agency worked on positioning major brands or products: what makes you who you are? What are your strengths? What’s important to you?

​It was the same journey to the heart of things, just with real, vulnerable people, with longings and passions.

From that point on, it became increasingly clear to me that this was the path I wanted to follow.

What was my life like up to that point? I grew up by the North Sea, graduated with a degree in communications and began my working life in advertising. I started off in Munich, before spending six years in London as a consultant at international agencies, living and working in an exciting world.

Then I went back home and took up the role of head of advertising at a telecommunications company. A spell as a freelance brand consultant and then board member at a leading brand agency followed. In 2004, I began my first coaching training course and started my own coaching business.

Now I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Mentor Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world-leading coaching association, and have completed additional training in leadership, transformational and presence-based coaching in Europe and the USA. Since 2013, I have also been training leaders and coaches myself at the BRIDGEHOUSE Coach Academy – another fulfilling stage in this journey.

But what’s even more important is what’s behind all of these different stations on my own personal path. I learned how to ask questions, how to see people more clearly, how to take myself back – and the most important thing: how to be present, and the art of holding a space. A space where all questions can be asked, all thoughts, fears and dreams can be voiced, where ideas can develop unhindered, where your life can become more your own.

I live with my family in Berlin and love to go sailing and smell the sea air. I’m learning the cello, and now believe that after thousands of hours of coaching with hundreds of clients, I’ve finally begun to understand something:

The little throwaway comments my friends made apply to us all. They are the gateway to the life that we so often dream of and, even more often, believe to be beyond our reach. Not just when we want to make a change in our lives, but when we as entrepreneurs, managers and leaders seek to improve our effectiveness within our organisation and our mastery of the challenges of management.

Anyone who asks themselves, ‘Who do I want to be? How can I be a better leader? How can I create the impact I want?’ has already taken the first step towards a more successful, fulfilling life. It all starts with a question.

Please call and arrange for a non-committal, first conversation.

Inke Schulze-Seeger

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