The other Caddy

9 holes to organise your thoughts

Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? You tee off and are accompanied on your round by a coach. Not a golf coach. But a coach who supports you with your current professional – or private – challenges.

Imagine the following situation: It’s Monday morning. 07:00. You tee off. The golf course is empty. And you start your week with fresh air and clarification of current challenges. Without calls. Without messages. Without distractions. Accompanied by a coach who supports you, who listens to you and asks questions. With the goal that you find your answers on the course.

Your friends, colleagues and family will probably hardly believe that you deal with professional questions while golfing. Admittedly, combining sport with work is unusual. On the other hand, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? By swapping a coaching room for a fairway, for example. The world does not always have to be rational.

As your coach, I will accompany you on the course. Similar to a caddy, I will focus entirely on you and your concerns. It may be that we sit down on a bench and let a flight play through that follows us. Or we continue our conversation in the clubhouse after the round.

I am a certified coach and trainer. I have been playing golf for over 20 years and constantly draw parallels from sports to management in my work. I love to be in motion with my clients: for example, on a (short) hike, mountain climbing or golfing. Again and again I experience the power that fresh air and movement gives people for clarifying professional and private challenges.

I live in the east of Hamburg, surrounded by wonderful golf courses. There we can arrange to meet spontaneously. With a little advance notice, I’ll also be happy to come your way or recommend a coach in your area.

Let us get to know each other. Just call me at +49 163 7916907 or write to You can also book an appointment directly in my calendar for a no-obligation get-to-know-you session.

I look forward to accompanying you on your round of golf.

Alexander Kerkow

21521 Aumühle

Phone +49 30 60 98 32 10
Mobile +49 163 791 69 07