Dirk Lapaz

»It’s always all about Human Connection. Always!«

For me, there are three pillars for a satisfying personal and professional life: purpose, joy and fulfillment. This is exactly what drives me and this is exactly what I offer my clients:

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable. A world that is shaken by crises of all kinds. What sounded like science fiction yesterday has become reality today. The future is becoming less and less foreseeable. We are starting to realize that our previous patterns of thinking and behaviour are not sufficient to successfully master crises.

How do we deal with these changes – personally and professionally?
What do companies need in order to cope with change?

We can all learn to deal with these changes. To do so, we need to make space to explore what is really important to us and learn what makes us tick as people and organizations. This is exactly what my clients can expect: the possibility to discover new perspectives in order to emerge stronger and more powerful from any change.

The greatest teacher of our lives is our life itself, particularly if we give ourselves full permission to apply our conscious and unconscious potential. It is not about the answers we already know. It is all about the questions we have not asked ourselves so far. These are precisely the questions that trigger personal development and growth. In complete awareness of our uniqueness – our strengths, abilities and impact – we create the conditions for personal growth and growth means personal change. Personal change that is indispensable to survive as a person and as a company in today’s world.

My coaching sessions are less about techniques and methods and more about self-reflection and the relationship (connection) to ourselves and to others. It’s all about Human Connection. Always! Only in this way can we create an environment that people want to belong to.

I grew up in northern Germany and after my professional training and my community service, I studied economics and social sciences in Hamburg. After my studies, I worked in various specialists and management positions in different agency and media companies. Most recently, I held a CFO position in the German branch of a global advertising and media network.

I have experienced first-hand what it means to sail with a company in rough seas, to take care of the team and the clients at the same time and to keep up with the pressure of budget targets. I know how important it is to stay with your purpose and your own values at all times in such tough situations.

Due to my long professional experience, my clients can expect practical experience in all sort of change processes (e.g. crisis, digitalisation and growth). I know how important it is to have an experienced coach and professional partner in such circumstances on your side. Change starts with and in the team and always with the people themselves. Change is successful when you start to build conscious habits and turn them into unconscious behavior.

I am a certified coach and trainer and I am graduated from the Co-Active Leadership Programm, San Rafael, California (USA).

I live with my partner in the city on the Rhine with »Hätz un Jeföhl«, Cologne. I enjoy life with good food and wine, preferably at home with friends. When I want to really relax I put on my running shoes and run in nature.

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