Alexander Kerkow

»Every day, every hour, we can become more of the person we want to be.«

What can we do today that makes us look forward to tomorrow? This question is the starting point of my work, in which I inspire people and organizations to design environments in which as many people as possible look forward to the next day.

I believe in a world where most people do what they actually want to do. Something that feels right and meaningful to them. Something they do together with great colleagues. With tasks they’ll never stop learning from. And supported by managers who have a feel for the gifts of their employees and encourage them in their development.

In the first part of my career, I worked in environments where I flourished. And also in environments where I didn’t really fit in. Looking back, I’m very grateful for that: I always had managers who inspired me and from whom I could learn. Whether in the football Bundesliga (not as a player), in the advertising industry or in IT. Everywhere I got the chance to jump in at the deep end, make mistakes, learn and grow. Today, these experiences are the basis of my work as a trainer and coach.

My trainings – whether virtual or in person – are similar to trainings of professional athletes. As little theory as necessary, as much practice as possible. Participants quickly get into the swing of things and try out content directly. The goal is for participants to inspire each other and to continuously experience (small) successes that motivate them for their personal challenges.

In my coaching sessions, I create an environment in which my coachees find exactly the space they lack in their stressful everyday lives to clear their thoughts and think through problems. I coach virtually and in person. And preferably in motion. In my experience, fresh air and movement are valuable ingredients on the way to finding your own solution.

As a passionate golfer, I also accompany my coachees on the golf course. Thereby we exchange the coaching room for 9 or 18 holes and benefit from fresh air and beautiful nature (further information).

I am a »Münchner Kindl« in Hamburg. In my free time I play golf and tennis or build sand castles with my two daughters.

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Alexander Kerkow

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